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Funny thing is.. I have an M2 also and am running into the same issue.... hmmm

Oh and what EBasil says about those guys worrying about frames cracking... well they do fatigue over time... but mainly only if you are rough on it.. i.e. urban, and super rough rock garden stuff... not saying they will deffinately break or anything.. just giving you an idea of what he's talking about... but an M2 is a completely different animal, it was never built to be the lightest thing around... if yours is like mine, it's solid as a brick! no flex, but not super light either.

I say keep it and build it up! Oh and the head angle thing... making it slacker isn't always a bad thing.. I kinda like slack angles... but I also like DH...

I had an old Judy XC on it stock and upgraded the internals to DH ones... and it didn't make a huge difference and if I'm correct in remembering that was about 3.5 inches of travel. So I think a 4 inch fork would be about the biggest you could go with yout making it feel like a dead fish... anyways, that's my .02 cents.

Get us pics of whatever you decide to do!
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