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Originally Posted by Mtn Mike
Sheesssh... You people should try to lighten up a bit. Who pee'd in your Rice Crispies this morning? I wouldn't have that sticker on my bike, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Afraid of upsetting the police? Not everybody desires to have police friendly stickers on their bikes. Can't people have a little fun?

Yeah, must be a generation gap. It's a JOKE that is maybe poking fun at stuffy, out of touch, old people like yourselves. Look at the site; most of the stickers promote activism and new ideas. Not unusual for Portland, and not a dangerous phenomina. Relax.
I think that some of us may be a bit sensitized to terrorism and pipe bombs are a part of that element. That is why it is not so funny to some of us.

I was talking to a friend of mine on the telephone who was walking on a street in Manila when a pipe bomb went off. It knocked him to the ground and killed another person. Two other people were mamed.

To me, pipe bombs aren't funny, so I am trying to understand if I am missing some couched humor or something. If this is an example of Portland's activism and 'new ideas', it isn't very compelling.
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