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Originally Posted by ampalabike
Here is a picture of an other Centurion in Germany

To my eye the similiarities are striking. Additionally the owner of the shown bike confirmed that it has the drilled lugs and an other (former) bikeowner - fricker 61- in this thread (the orange one on page 2) mentioned that his bike, a proffessional, had the same cutouts in the BB like mine and had the same kind of lugs and seatcluster. His bike is also chromed under the paint and uses the same Cinelli like fork crown. I know that it is definitely not a Centurion equipe Cinelli since those were later and looked totally different. I am also aware that later on the Centurions sold in Germany had nothing to do with those sold in the U.S. since the Centurion brand still exists in Germany but not in the U.S. But i suspect that in that early period there was not such a great difference and the first Centurion brand bikes were produced in Japan. The owner of the bike above promised to provide more pictures for reference but did not post them yet. Petit on the other hand was a very small one man bussiness/framebuilder who was famous for his own designs. The only other two petit frames I saw (on pictures) had different lugs and seat clusters but the same drop-outs. So accounting all features there are more similiarities to that shown Centurion than to the known Petit frames. The only thing on the frame that clearly says Petit are the decals, but since it was a smal shop it is possible that someone had his Centurion frame repainted at the Petit shop and Petit (the owners name was Klein) used his own decals on the frame. So if I could verify it is definitely not a Centurion I would have proof it is a Petit.
There is absolutely no database or information on any numbering on Petits.

OK, now it makes sense. Unfortunately, my Centurion knowledge is almost exclusively tied to the US brand produced for WSI. I agree, it does look similar, so it could be a re-decaled German Centurion.

The only thing that I can positively tell you, is that it is 1980 or newer. Flicker 61 figured his was 1978 based on components. But his uses brakes cable clamps, indicating an earlier version. At least this would seem to corroborate my date estimate.

The serial number format suggests they may be from the same builder, Yours is MO J 59526 versus M7070019 for flicker 61. Initially they appear to be different, but ignore the spacing and assume the 2nd character is a number and the 3rd is a letter. Now they become M0J59526 and M7O70019. M is probably the manufacturer and the 3rd caharacter is proably a fortnight indicator.

This makes flicker 61's bicycle a late 1977 frame, which is close to his estimate based on components. Yours becomes early 1980 model, which ties ties well to my earlier thoughts. So, while this is all educated guesswork, it looks like yours may well be a German Centurion Professional, circa 1980.
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