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Lighting your body and not the bike.

Hi cyclezealot,

Thankyou for your reply, we are interested in all opions with regards to safety and i for one am fascinated by different peoples attitudes. Some say that our Lumin8er is gimmicky and others love it?
I guess it boils down to peoples vanity but at night, mirrors cast no reflection.
I personally wear one to compliment my normal LED lights on my blike. The thing about LEDs is that they have a very omni-directional behaviour in that they 'glare' from a certain viewing angle. From the side however they're uselesss. Hence lighting your body aswell has got to increase your chances especially with our pulse stobing oin the flatlite tape.

Please feel free to email me with any other opions you may have to offer and i look forward to future correspondence.


Originally Posted by cyclezealot
I have a similiar product. Bought from some company in Chicago, I think..Called
"National Home Safety INc. or something like that... Saw it on the road on some cyclist in front of me and had to find it..They seem really effective...I use mine, but still switch on an LED light mounted to the bike frame. No maximum number of lights can be bad?
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