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Yesterday was my first day on the rollers as the weather has turned, here, in Baltimore. In anticipation, I purchased a set of rollers.

After a few false starts, I finally got an hour and 15 minutes session in at a slow average speed of 16 MPH. It wasn't without some restarts, though, as I was still on the upside of the learning curve. But, I found that I picked it up quickly and it's a matter of integrating the learning into my muscle memory and nervous system. Physically, I could have kept going much longer, but mentally, I had enough for the day. I did find it easier to relax with music in my ears, so I connected my MP3 player to my wireless headphones and that seemed to be a turning point for me.

Today, I did another session--1 hour 23 minutes at an average speed of 19 MPH. Again, these were done in intervals of ride and rest, mainly because I could feel myself slipping, mentally, when something started to bother me (i.e., getting too hot, needing a drink, cats running by the roller, sweat dripping). When my concentration isn't what it needs to be, I can't relax and this manifests itself as a slight oscillation while on the rollers. A couple of times, yesterday, these oscillations were big enough to put me off of the front roller.

I have a trainer, but it is brainless and boring compared to rollers. You have to be relaxed, but concentration has to be high and in a zone of sorts--at least for me. I think, that's why I do well with music in my ears during the sessions.

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