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Yes, higher spoke count on wheels equates to stronger wheels, all things being equal. However there is the added weight of the extra spokes... (but you're in the commuting forum, so that shouldn't be a big deal).

Lower spoke count was important for high-performance races, and so became trendy. Naturally, wheel manufacturers were quite happy to provide wheels with fewer spokes for more money, and with a higher rate of replacement ;-)

The rear wheel is where the extra counts more, because of the extra weight on the rear wheel. A common "beefy" set-up is 36 in the rear, 32 in the front. My late '70s Japanese "touring" bike has 36 on both wheels (so that you could rock a load over the front wheel).

It all really depends on your specifics, though. How much do you weigh, how rough are the roads, are you going to be putting heavy loads on it, etc. In general, I like the 32/36 combo.
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