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It all really depends on your specifics, though. How much do you weigh, how rough are the roads, are you going to be putting heavy loads on it, etc. In general, I like the 32/36 combo.
Also depends on how well your wheels were built. I had 24 and 28 spoke wheels 'hand built' (or rather rebuilt, just for me! after an accident) by Curious George, they were complete and utter crap. Could not hit a crack in the pavement w/o going too far from true to work w/ mini v-brakes. I sprung for wheels (from a different LBS) that were a) well built and b) more spokes, 32 front 36 rear as described, they are bullet proof, even w/ respect to those very very finicky brakes.

I've heard it said that well-built low-spoke wheels are as tough as any (give or take loads), but there's a lot less room for error.
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