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hmm, thanks to all the replies

I'll definitely need something that can fit fenders, but a rack isn't too important as I don't usually carry much and a rucksack should be more than enough.

I'm not familiar with the term cyclo-cross bike here. Are those like touring bikes? If so don't they tend to be quite heavy? And are there major differences in the gearing between the two?

If you don't change gears much, you might want to look into a single speed or fixed gear road bike. Giant sells the Bowery which is pretty affordable, low-key (not as attractive to vandals/thieves as the brightly colored competition road bikes), light-weight, and easy to maintain.
I don't think a fixed gear bike will be for me either as there are a few hills on my journey. Also, won't a fixed-gear be bad for when i go on weekend rides? One of the main problems I have at the moment with my mtb is that I top out often on flats and riding in any kind of wind is a pain because of the upright-ish sitting position.
A friend on mine who does the trialathon recommended the Giant OCR series as a cheaper alternative (he rides a trek 1000 and highly recommends it, but I have to think hard before spending that much money).
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