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Originally Posted by freako
When you go to college on a bike you take a fairly decent risk on having it stolen. I would continue to ride that bike to college and or work. And if you wanting to make it a tad faster then upgrade the wheels to lighter ones.

The suggestions for buying a touring bike to commute on are sound. Both the Trek 520 and the Jamis Nova (which is owned by Trek) are good bikes for the money. Not sure what the price is on the Jamis, but the Trek runs about $1200 when not on sale and comes with racks and most fenders will fit. Try to find last years models and you could save about $500. And according to Roadbike Review the Trek got a higher review. Also the Fuji World touring bike is another great bike for the jack.
Yeah I've already had my saddle once and am a bit cautious about riding an expensive bike to college.
I've considered upgrading my current mtb, but it'd only bought it for 130 ($250?) in a sale and considering the cost of all the replacements wouldn't be better to get a decent bike with good components?
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