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Love riding in rush hour traffic, me nuts?

As you may have guessed I have a Schwinn World Sport cica 88-89. Don't like the gym so I'm trying to get back into bike riding. When I was 14 I'd ride 75-100 miles in a day then I got my driver's license....

So, decided to ride not to the nearest letterbox but to the central post office here in Santa Monica about 3 miles each way in the dark. I'm pushin 50 (age not mph). So, traffic is so heavy here that I can pass the SUV's and cars if I pedal hard enough and time the traffic lights. I don't let them pin me to the side of the road. I'd never get this excited in the gym! What a rush. And oh yea, the ones talking on their cell phones drifting into me... I rap my knuckles on the side of their car. That wakes them up and I've got a good yell too.

I've got to ride more. Gotta ride. Yea!

Am I nuts?
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