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Originally Posted by Bklyn
I love the flow of traffic, and I'm always awed at the bike messenger types who get cut off, squeezed in, whatever, who then just flow away without a word. I used to ascribe some kind of mystical Oneness With the Road to them. I've come to understand that the point for them is to make money, and it's a waste of time (and therefore money) to yell at everyone who encroaches on you. Then, last week, I saw a commuter like me — ex-hipster, probably a responsible citizen, quick rider — hollering at some car: "Turn signal! Turn signal! Turn signal!" Man! I thought. What a tool. I flowed on, like a mystical zen messenger, hiding the fact that on any other day, that may well have been me. (No more hollering!)
Oneness with the road, eh? Go talk to emergency service folks, they've seen some of that, believe me. There's nothing funny or cool about riding in heavy traffic, you may be visible all you like, you may be lit like a Xmas tree, the thing is a driver may spot you too late or not at all and you end up 'one with the road'.
No, you're not nuts, but in the immortal words from 'Hill Street Blues' I say: Hey! Be careful out there!
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