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I am a retired messenger and I do call my style of riding extreme cycling. I ride like I'm invisable and never ever assume that anyone sees me. My methodology to ruling the street is to ride so that nobody has to alter their drive/walk to accommodate me. (the obvious exception being going around from behind, but if I'm in front I win) Ripping traffic a new one everyday....woooohoooo. Just remember a zig instead of a zag and you're done. Today I had to lock up the back wheel at 30kms/hr for an instant to scrub my speed, breaking the backend to the right so I could carve across the front end of a car and traverse to the centre of the two lanes traveling in my direction because some yahoo thinks sticking the nose of his car into traffic is how you get a main street to stop for you. After all these years I wish I could bunny hop to hood ride.... Most of all enjoy yourself, and remember you are a grouper fish swimming with sharks. If you are going to crash into a car, lock up the back wheel and get sideways, taking the car with the side of your body, dispersing the impact with as much area as possible, you'll heal and a good chance your ride will too.
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