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I have not used mine yet but saw another novice use his on the road. He put two consecutive cartridges in and stopped screwing them in when they began leaking gas. Neither one could be used because all the gas leaked out. Luckily there were plenty of cyclists in the group with cartridges and a veteran that knew how to use them. He screwed the cartridge on quickly without stopping and only a little gas escaped. He then inflated the tire.

It is a good idea to at least have a small pump to start inflating the tire enough to check all the way around both sides for a pinched tube. It is very difficult to put just a little air in using the inflator. My buddy has a small pump that he can also attach a cartridge to. I cannot remember the brand but it was an entire flat repair package-pump, inflator, cartridges, patch kit, tools, etc.

Smart to try it at home. If I had been out on the road without a veteran to show me the ropes I would probably have made the same mistake.
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