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Originally posted by DOCTORJ
In defense of bluebmx, i was on the previous message board and despite the occasional foul language, he was a very helpful member. he gave tips on riding and offered very valid advice about bikes, parts, etc. i don't much care if i'm banned for being one of his "cohorts" but i feel someone needs to know about him.
I read most of his posts, and I do have to concede you have a point. He does have information that could well be useful for riders. However, the reason he was banned (under that username) was that he was posting spam about the other site, something that is clearly not allowed if you read the forum guidelines.

Additionally, one can quite easily give advice without being condescending (i.e. referring to people as 'Walmart riders' etc). He has shown in some of his posts that he can offer this advice without necessarily resorting to foul language or insults, I'd like to see him do that more often.
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