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Thanks for the replies! I'll pass those on to Megan Trask and Pat!

Dchiefransom - They are in dire need of volunteers. Would you be willing to ride/drive a SAG vehicle or did you want to ride this year? Do you know anyone at local shops that would like to get involved and maybe sponsor and volunteer with the SAG? I know they are wanting to get in touch with local shops for sponsorships, discounts for MS riders and etc... If so, let me know their name and # and I can pass it on to Megan and she'll contact them. Or I can give them Megan's info if they'll feel more cmfortable that way.

But I'll ask about getting better support from local shpps for supplies and stuff.

jobob - I had the same request regarding the donations page. In TX we were able to personalize a link directly for ourselves. So when people wanted to donate they were guided directly to a page with our rider info and link to donate in our name. I used the link in my signatures at the end of emails and stuff. It also notified us when and who donated and what amount. It was really good. I've suggested the same for us and I beleive they said they were already trying to do something like that.

BTW, what's the name of your team? Where are you located? Do you do training rides? Can newbie's like me latch on once in a while?

I'll try my best to keep everyone informed. And if you'd like to get more involved or drop your opinions to Megan, let me know and I'll get you r her info. She is great and really nice!

Thanks again!
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