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Originally Posted by kensuf
So I was in a 4 bike pileup caused by a careless person on my local club ride yestderday. One guy broke a collar bone, I've definitely suffered some small tissue damage in my shoulder (will get it x-ray'd this morning), the third guy suffered some scrapes, and the guy who caused it was mostly OK with some blood/hand scrapes.

I'm out a 6 week old helmet (christmas gift, landed on my head, oh well, it did its job) maybe the forks (need to check the steerer out) and probably some PT/medical. The guy with the broken collar bone definitely's out some time, helmet, etc. And the third guy had a wheel destroyed.

Should we kick rider #1's butt?
Kidnap his puppy and a mail him a paw a day until he agrees to pay for broken gear and medical bills...

Seriously, in a situation like this, just be up front and honest with him. Tell him you know he's not a bad guy, but you're out a helmet, maybe a fork, and money for medical bills because of his screw-up. Anyone with any kind of moral fibre is going to suck it up and make right what they did.

If he doesn't, don't ride with him anymore, and suggest to others that they avoid him as well.
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