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Originally Posted by asgelle
That would make no sense. The fault was entirely your own. You chose which group to ride with. You chose where to put your bike in the pack. You chose how much space to leave between you and the bikes around you. And finally, you chose how well to develop your own skills. If you ride in a group you accept the inherent risks that come along with it. If someone is dangerous, work to help them improve or get them to leave the group, but that's the long term solution. During a ride everyone is responsible for themself. As they say in boxing, protect yourself at all times.

as stated above- no group "ettiguette" can take the place of personal defense. if you're in a pack with a bunch of squirrels... then leave a bigger gap, form a group of people you do know and either drop the bozos or fall to the back and disappear/change your ride.

you've got to be proactive with your own safety.
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