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Originally Posted by Gee3

jobob - I had the same request regarding the donations page. In TX we were able to personalize a link directly for ourselves. So when people wanted to donate they were guided directly to a page with our rider info and link to donate in our name. I used the link in my signatures at the end of emails and stuff. It also notified us when and who donated and what amount. It was really good. I've suggested the same for us and I beleive they said they were already trying to do something like that.
Gary, that is exactly what I'm hoping they would do ! I'd like to make up business-size cards with our team logo and a message along the lines of "so-and so would appreciate your support in the Waves to Wine MS 150 ride..(etc.)" along with an easy link to that person's donation page. That certainly donesn't work at this point. I'm really glad you brought that up.

BTW, what's the name of your team? Where are you located? Do you do training rides? Can newbie's like me latch on once in a while?
It's Amici Veloci, and we're located all over Northern California. We're a bunch of friends who originally got together to ride in the Top Hat ride. Once in a while we get to ride together, but not as often as we'd like. More often than not, we're on our own.

I live in the East Bay near Fremont, and I often ride out along Calaveras Road and to Alum Rock Park in San Jose. This past weekend I finally made it up Sierra Road (yay me). I also ride over the Dumbarton Bridge to Woodside, Palo Alto & thereabouts. My husband & I tend to do our rides spur-of-the moment, but I'll post something if we have anything planned more than a couple of hours in advance

- Jo.
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