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Originally Posted by Hardheadmandca
According to my wife, the only way I can get this is to sell something else I love. A beautiful, vintage, 1969 Gibson ES-330.

My question? Is it worth it?
No way, my man, cuz once that Gibson is gone, you won't get it back.

There are many many bikes out there and since you are returning to cycling, ride the one you've got for awhile then upgrade. Two grand is a helluva lotta bucks for a bike by anyone's standards (there are many who will argue with me on this point) and lots of bikes that can be tested, ridden, sold, swapped that won't create the kind of investment conflict that this one seems to be making.

Of course, this is my opinion based on some beloved items I sold to get different items that just weren't worth it in the long term. Now I have neither...
They're beautiful handsome machines that translate energy into joy.
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