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Originally Posted by Ed Holland
I coudn't resist this morning. Pulled up at the light in the bike lane alongside a driver who was using his 'phone. Staring for minutes on end fail to attract his attention, so I wave. He looks so I use the internationally recognsed hand symbol for "Hang up please"* and said "Please don't use that whilst you are driving. This was followed by thumbs up and cheesy smile from me, thumbs up and cheesy smile from him (continues telephone conversation as we pull away).

Maybe I'm just being an arse in trying to chastise others, but handsfree units are so inexpensive, there's no need to drive with one (or no) hands.

Has anyone else tried this?


*Thumb and little finger extended to represent a telephone handset, removed from head and motioned downward onto imaginary telephone.
well you did your good deed for the day, don't you feel good now.
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