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M5 Bent, what parts to get? Ideas?!

Hey guys i have recently acquired a Cheap (350 Euros) early understeer M5, apparantly welded and build by Bram Moens himself. It is the model that has an elastomer (i think they originally were used on Fiat 500's!) for back suspension, a 20 inch front wheel and 26 inch race back wheel.

The frame is dandy but most of the moving parts are fairly shot. Luckily i work in an LBS and can get quite some parts (providing they are not hyper exotic) for 50% off...

However this being my first 'bent i really have no clue what would be best to buy. I would love your advice!

Just to specify my needs and posibilities: I am not going for expensive or ultralight but for durability and versatility. I am not fan of Shimano (because they are such a de facto standard and not even that cheap). I intend to use it for daily commuting as well as fairly loaded touring, perhaps even into french mountains.

Gear system: I am thinking S-Ram, i hear the bang for buck is great and durability is good....?

I have no idea what ratios for my Triple would be good for both flat city (Netherlands) use as well as climbing while touring? Help please.

I definately want to get a 7 speed in the back due to cost and durability concerns. What S-Ram (or other)one is long lasting?

What are solid cranks that have a cast spindle and allow replacement of individual chain rings?

Bar end shifters: I most definately need these and want them to be both indexed and non indexed for sure (selector) and will perhaps have to opt Shimano in this case? I would love some Dura Ace ones but those are crazy expensive right or....?

Pedals: I'd like some that are SPD on one side, normal on other, can accomdate clips AND if possible have industrial bearings.. Does this even exist? Recommendations?

For the Headset i am thinking Tange Levin... does that make sense?

The existing wheelset on it is very good, some high end Mavics. I guess new bearings and grease would be a good idea?

The front wheel has a very nice Stelvio tire, the back tire is horrid and worn, what makes a good tire for the back? Perhaps one with a lot of beef as i also want to tour fairly loaded. Is there something close to a "Schwalbe Big Apple" for 26 inch race? So i mean something plush yet with high pressure and hence low rolling resistance.

Are there affordable "gauze/webbed" seat cushions that allow for a lot of air flow to avoid "sticky 'bent back". M5 has them but very expensive.

Bottom Bearing/Axle, i was thinking the closed unit *** with plastic cups. Or is there something better at this price point?

Any other suggestions for parts or maintenance that i should do would be much appreciated!

I have no pics to share for now but perhaps in future.
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