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There is a kind of "chic" in the retro, sometimes boutique world of Rivendellian taste and bikes. Just like some Italophiles need a bike crafted by a little, welding torch wielding Gepetto-like character. (If you can find such.) Many of Riv's owners have, I think, more than one bike and so don't mind the excruciating wait. A sort of rite of passage?

Personally, a bike is a tool for me....and too jewel-like a bike would make me feel a little inhibited about using it and "going anywhere". Older bikes that work well appeal to me. I can sweat on them, knock 'em over, let them get grimey, etc.-- as long as mechanically they're well tuned. A nice thing about steel.

I'm sure others have more refined and nuanced taste and the wait somehow contributes to its value for them.

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