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The wait is nothing new--Riv has had an 18-month to two-year wait as long as I've been paying attention, which is probably six or eight years. If you're 55 or over, I think Grant lets you jump the line, though.
Having said that, I have both an Atlantis and a Rambouillet (got a great deal on the Rambo used, or I couldn't afford both), and I can't even imagine better bikes for the kind of riding I do. I mean that literally: I bought the Atlantis new five years ago to last until my kids got out of college, when I intended to buy a custom Riv. I have about 10,000 miles on that and 3,000 or so on the Rambo, and when I think about getting a custom, or any new bike at all, I can't justify it. There's NOTHING I can think of to change on either bike to make it better for a 62-year-old guy riding for recreation and fitness. Plus Riv has been great to deal with except for Brian, who's kind of a pr!ck.
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