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Originally Posted by CrossChain
Dear "slvoid",
This note is to inform you that you are in violation of the Articles of Deportment at Bicycle Forums, namely SubByLaw #231M, Paragraph 19, Entry 342, SubSlash CrossReferenced in Vol. 37, 14th Edition. To wit: Altering the rightful words of another member intentionally by design is punishable by having to post the word "titanium" a minimum of 20,000 times or until such malfeasance is deemed corrected.
Joe Gardiner's Conscience.
So does his first titanium post count and now we can just look forward to another 19,999 times?

So he'll become "slvoid" AKA titanium?
or will he become "sltitanium" instead...
They're beautiful handsome machines that translate energy into joy.
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