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Originally Posted by scottogo
Has a lever and chain system.
Claims 45 mph on flats.
Well yeah, if you put an angry gorilla in the seat, it'll do 60mph no problem. Seriously though, a bike goes as fast as you push on the pedals, so speed claims are nonsensical.

About that lever system : it's be tried again and again on bicycles and never sold, because it's a proven fact that it's less efficient than rotary cranks, for two reasons :

- It takes energy to start and stop your legs twice per pedaling cycle. This energy is totally wasted with a lever system, it's partly converted into rotary motion with standard cranks.

- Only newbies put energy in a bicycle chain strictly by pushing down. Good cyclists, when they want to go fast, pedal in circle and power the cranks during most of the rotation. The lever system forces you to adopt a dud pedaling style.
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