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Originally Posted by v1nce
I have no idea what ratios for my Triple would be good for both flat city (Netherlands) use as well as climbing while touring? Help please.
Definitely triple. Remember, you can't honk with a recumbent. For what it's worth, with my touring bent, I have 22/34/44 at the front and a 32-11 cassette at the back, with 150mm cranks.

Originally Posted by v1nce
Bar end shifters: I most definately need these and want them to be both indexed and non indexed for sure (selector) and will perhaps have to opt Shimano in this case? I would love some Dura Ace ones but those are crazy expensive right or....?
I presume you have handlebars that stick up (i.e. the brake levers are reversed) right? I know you don't like Shimano, but as an alternative to barend shifters, it happens that Shimano XTR brake/shifter combo levers work really well for USS handlebars. The only thing to get used to is that the derailleur lever is on the left. They're great because they leave the end of the bar free for rear-view mirrors. They are strictly indexed though. Here's what it looks like upside down:

Originally Posted by v1nce
Pedals: I'd like some that are SPD on one side, normal on other, can accomdate clips AND if possible have industrial bearings.. Does this even exist? Recommendations?
Yes they exist, that's what I use. I think they're Shimanos, but I can't remember what model they are (EDIT: I just looked, they're Shimano PD-M324, and they have user-serviceable bearings). They were the cheapest in the store at 40 euros, I've had them for years and they never gave me any trouble. Here's a trick too: mount toe cages on the non-SPD side. Not only will you have the cages for when you ride with normal shoes, but you'll also find that the pedals always flops with the SPD side facing you when you're not clipped. That way, you never have to fumble with the pedals to clip-in, they're always be in the right position. See what I mean here:

Originally Posted by v1nce
Are there affordable "gauze/webbed" seat cushions that allow for a lot of air flow to avoid "sticky 'bent back". M5 has them but very expensive.
Optima foam cushions and covers are quite good. They're 25 euros.

Have fun with your new bent!

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