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Originally Posted by aikigreg
I would love to see you say that to Dennis on the track. He would destroy you. He broke several records this past year alone. I call BS on this post.
I don't dought he'd destroy me. I only ride 350km per week- that's all that's required for the 24hrs we do. Due to issues with fluids (one drink bottle to save weight), its only viable to stay out on the circuit for 90minutes to 2hours at a time. I know no-one in the teams I'm talking of in my 1st post would do anymore then that.
What i was picking on was the vehicles speed. Teams of trikes do the same distance in 24hrs- if not over 600miles if you're lucky. Sure, we arn't doing it solo like dennis, but it isn't like we are riding in a straight line on an empty road like dennis. I think it's an achievement that we can match those distances, sharing the track with 215 other vehicles spread over a technical 3mile circuit, not to mention 20 minutes of pitstops and the odd crash in the mix.
I'd like to see a person like dennis in a couple of vehicles down here. I reckon he'd break 522miles in 24hours.

Incidentally, I'm forming a 4-man team for the texas time trials this year. Should be fun.
Sounds interesting. What are you riding? Confused though. Why do you need 4 people for a time trial? Are they all riders or pitcrew?
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