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Originally Posted by LastPlace
I was unable to get the links poster earlier to work, so I may be repeating what others have said but the best tool I have found is a 'TIRE BEAD JACK'. I don't have a picture but it cost me about ten dollars at the lbs that ordered it for me. It is for remounting a tire but doesn't help with getting a tire off the rim. Also, I put some vaseline on the last part of the rim that I'm trying to push the bite back onto.

As for getting the tire off, I would suggest a longer tire lever than the smaller ones people usually carry. The picture posted by sour01 seems to be a longet unit.

Just Google 'Tire Bead Jack'. Ten dollars and about three ounces.
I guess I would comment that with proper technique, removing and mounting a tire is not a big job, and generally does not require any equipment other than your hands.

Of course, this would NOT apply to someone who has tendonitis - a different story.

But, I can't believe all the folks who have specialized equipment for what is a pretty easy and simple operation. You can't all have tendonitis?

I can even get my Specialized Armadillos (as tough as they get) on and off without tools, and that is four different tires on two different sets of rims.

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