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167 people registered.
120 finished by 4-ish.

I will make a list when I'm not tired. Good times
Congrats to James, 2hours and 15 minute, 55 miles, track bike!
Congrats to everyone.

Rapha jacket, purple phil wood hubset, two custom bags, custom stem, Velocity deep V rims=wheelbuild from freewheel, two cash-rolls of $300, two of $100, and one of $50, tons of tshirts, hats, etc.

Sorry the beer trailer broke before the start. Glad all the beer in it disappeared within 30 minutes. I had a good time kickin back and riding with different groups, stopping for people, talking. Wish the group with dude from idaho with the blue Rossin track bike woulda finished. Glad I brought tools and was able to help a few people along the way.

Forgot to say anything about it at the prize ceremony, but $500 of the entry was donated to the Childhood Diabetes Research Foundation, which was the charity attached to the show.

Thanks for coming out everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the bikeshow and the ride down there, hope someone took pictures...
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