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Originally Posted by Aphidman
My family has run (and still runs) a chain of funeral homes in western Canada for 60 years now, serving 25 communities. We've done thousands of funerals in that time, and in 60 years, the number of funerals done for people killed in cycling accidents totals: 1. A 92 year old cyclist (father of one of my high school teachers) was struck by a car, lingered on for 6 months, then died. Would a helmet have saved him? Who knows -- but I can think of a lot of other activities and types of transportation that resulted in a lot more funerals than that. Walking comes to mind. So does using stairs. So does falling out of bed. (In Canada, there were about 64 deaths per year from cycling accidents in 2000--2003. The figure for falls involving beds was 78 per year. I found the figures in Statistics Canada's reports on external causes of morbidity and mortality for those four years.)

Be sure to wear your helmet when you get out of bed! It kills more people than cycling!
I wonder how many people die from heart attacks caused, primarily by the fact they never get any exercise, and eat only highly processed, highly sugared, highly salted, high fat, chemical laden crap?

There is another issue, there are different kinds of cycling, for example DH, BMX and Urban stunt riders, have a much higher risk of injury (or death) in an unplanned dismount, then a MTB'r, and an MTB'r has a much higher risk of injury (or death) in an unplanned dismount then a roadie or a commuter, even though the roadie or commuter has a much higher distance travelled.
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