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Originally Posted by Offroad team DK
New to tandeming, we are wondering if everyone talks as much as we do.

Not thinking about on-bike conversations here, but what we would like to know is how many command words you use.
Words like: Shift, coast, stop, hammer, feed me, etc.

And how often? We´re trying to achieve a certain level of telepathy. Will that be possible? Or are you captains calling every single action?

We too don't use these commands much. Occasionally if there is some shifting to do and we've a lot of pedal pressure on, such as when climbing, I'll let my stoker know when we're shifting gears, this is to save wear and tear on our drive train. Other than that our business communications center on bumps, braking and such.

I think the most used command I can think of that you don't have listed is: "Hey, Pedal would you!!" just kidding!
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