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Originally Posted by Retro Grouch
We've been tandeming for a long time (since 1976) and we aren't the hammering type, but we use next to none of that type of verbal communication.
Originally Posted by Gus Riley
We too don't use these commands much.
I may be speaking out of turn here, but unless I mis-read Offroad team DK's introduction message, his question regarding the use of verbal commands pertained to off-road tandeming, e.g., technical singletrak and such. When riding a tandem off-road on technical terrain, a whole different set of rules come into play which make over-communicating an absolute necessity.

I would otherwise volunteer that, like Gus and RG, there are few if any times that I call out shifts, braking, coasting, or obvious/anticipated turns and such while riding on the road.

However, when road riding we do use 'commands' to coordinate standing-up and sitting down when we get out of the saddles for butt-breaks, climbs, or sprints. If we're out for a spirited ride with a group of tandems we'll use hand signals with whoever we've decided to conspire with against the other couples instead of verbal commands to set-up for lead-outs and sprints. Debbie is also conditioned to let me know whenever she takes her hands off the bars and sits up, e.g., drinking, eating, stretching, checking the map, shedding clothes, so that neither of us are caught off-guard in the event I need to make a sudden direction change or stop. Likewise, I will always let her know before I sit-up to stretch, shed clothes, take-off my helmet to get an insect out of the vents, etc.. so that she knows not to move around while I have my hands off the bars. Passing water bottles, food, and clothing back and forth is pretty much done without any words. Obviously, anything unexpected gets an involuntary and loud verbal warning, e.g., riders down, hole, bump, dog right, car-right, duck....

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