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i'm a firm believer that recovery starts before you even get on the bike to ride. If i haven't drank enough water and eaten well before i ride, it doesn't matter how well i eat/drink afterwards I'm still going to feel like crap. you can't be eating burgers and fried food before you get on the bike and then get off and slam a protein shake and expect to be 100% recovered the next day...

with that said, within 30 minutes of a workout I have a protein shake (usually peanut butter chocolate musclemilk because its freaking amazing) and a piece of fruit followed by as much water as i can get my hands on. Then within the next hour and a half have a solid meal with lean protein, complex carbs, and good fats. If i'm still low on calories i'll have another protein shake before bed, or grab a snack and another huge drink of water.

and if all else fails...french onion soup, bottle of Magic Hat #9, and cheesefries hahaha.
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