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Triple to Double.

Well for a short story, I started cycling in fall of last year, purchased my own bike about a month ago, and am going to start racing in the B's with the college team. It's been a sharp learning curve, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it. But i guess i should get down to the main question.

I have a triple, 50/39/30 and 12-27 rear 10sp (pretty standard i believe. Will it every be worth my time and money to switch to a double? This would include crank, chain, fd and brifter correct? Is there a way to get away with just buying the crank and chain? It seems feasible that you could max the limit screws to keep it from wanting to shift into a lower gear or something like that. I never use the little ring and I max out every once in a while on the 50.
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