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Originally Posted by jeffremer
You won't need new shifters - 105s work with doubles or triples.
You won't need a new chain, unless you feel like replacing it anyway.
You might get by with the same FD, but they're pretty cheap.
You will need a new bottom bracket, unless the new crankset you plan on buying comes with one.

I'd say go for it if you want a reason to spend some money and have fun tinkering with your bike, but otherwise stick with what you got - you shouldn't catch too much grief from your teammates for riding a triple.

Congratulations on riding with the team, what school is it? I'm planning on trying to ride with the UC Berkeley team once I transfer next semester.
Does he need a new bracket, as it is a 10 speed Shimano crank? Do the 10 speed external bearings differ between doubles and triples?
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