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Originally Posted by merider1
I almost hit a jogger in my neighborhood today. The sun was hitting me in the eyes just as I pulled out of my driveway and she was in the road (not on the sidewalk). I barely missed her and it scared the hell out of me. Point being, it reminded me (along with the tragic news about this rider and Octico's precious wife who was hit yesterday) that being out on the road is just dangerous. It won't stop me from riding, but it has shaken my false sense of safety (burst my bubble, I should say)! As for the hit and run drivers, there is no excuse for that kind of behavior for sure. I hope they find the person who hit this cyclist and throw his/her ass in jail. Yes, I DO think those that don't take responsibility for their actions (especially actions that cause bodily injury) SHOULD go to jail if only for a year or two!
I think the more we ride the more complacent we get merider...I know I'm guilty of doing that anyway...especially near the end of a long, tiring ride...it only takes a split second.....
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