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The commands I find are most important to keep my stoker happy are:

1-"Bump" I missed this one once on the one day STP and she didn't speak to me for 50 miles.

2-"Ducking" As mentioned before It's a real bad idea to sweep your stoker off the back with a low hanging branch... It took a few weeks to get her back on the tandem after that one.

3-"Spitting Left" (or right). After a wicked climb that requires every cubic inch of my lung capacity I sometimes feel the need to expectorate. As a courtesy to my stoker I do my best to warn her in time to avert her eyes.

The shifting, standing, braking are almost subliminal now. I generally only call them out if it's unexpected.

Things NOT to say:
-Are you pedaling?
-I shouldn't have had chili for lunch ...
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