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I'm the pilot, my wife is the stoker. I don't announce shifts or stops; she's never missed a beat on shifts. When she detects I'm braking, she signals. She stays in the clips when we stop. I'm on SPD's so it's pretty easy for me to get back in when we start again. About the only ride-related communications we have are:

1) P-to-S: "Can you signal for a [left|right]?" - Often she knows, based on the route, but when she doesn't, I use this.

2) P-to-S: "Can you put a foot down?" When we're stopped and I have to adjust something, or whatever, and need her to hold the bike up.

3) (Occasionally) S-to-P: "Can we coast?" Occasionally one of her feet will slip out of a toe clip, so we'll need to coast for her to get back in.

4) (Too frequently) P-to-S: "Oh-oh!". That's my signal that I'm about to stand up off the saddle and, er, cough. Usually she has enough time to hold her breath.
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