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I know people who have had brain injury from not only car wrecks, but falling off ladders, falling down stairs and from strokes.

It's an emotional issue if you're personally involved and it's a good thing to look at things from an objective point of view. This isn't always done.

I always have looked at Snells warnings about a bicycle helmet being the best protection avalible with disdain because it's so obvious that it isn't. It's a compromise in protection. A full face motorcycle helmet is much better isn't it?

It all depends on a point of view as to what's best.

I'm personally unaware that areas with high rates of helmet wearing have any better records of injury compared with areas with lower rates of helmet wearing. Any drop in injury has always been attributed to a drop in the amount of people cycling. There has been more reports of increases in injuries with increases of helmet wearing attributed to risk compensation.

At the very least, it's very inconclusive on results of helmet wearing. There are strong feelings about it, but as far as real results go, it's very inconclusive. Nowhere near what promoters claimed as 85% reduction of injuries.

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