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I've got one, but it's a closed top, traditional sea kayak. I see you have a sit-on-top kayak so YMMV, but here's what I found. I looked into Wicycle-type of design myself, where the "trailer" consists of a pair of wheels and a yoke that connects to seat post. As mentioned, I couldn't figure out a reliable way to attach the yoke to the front end of the kayak. Without making modifications to the kayak hull, that is.

That's why I chose Tony Hoar's trailer. I've got about 4-5 kms to the seashore, but I did a 600km tour with the trailer a couple of years ago. Daily distances were up to 110kms, most of it in traffic, with self-supported bike/paddle tour gear in panniers or in the kayak. No real issues.

If you don't carry much gear, and are able to position the wheels close to kayak's center of gravity (to avoid excess load on yoke), you can probably find a way to attach the yoke to your kayak well enough. It's probably going to flex quite a bit, but for the distance you're planning it might do the trick. For longer distances / more load I'm more comfortable with a yoke attached to the trailer body.

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