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Originally Posted by thinman
So I was talking to a friend of mine last night about this and that, and I remarked that one of the things I always wanted to do is to ride a bike across the country. She thought I was crazy and even if I wasn't it would be almost impossible. I know it isn't impossible, and I've even heard of people embarking on this without a whole lot of planning beforehand, but since I don't really know what it takes she wasn't convinced. I don't really know what it takes though. What do you all think? Impossible? Easy? Does it take a massive amount of training and planning? Anyone here done it before?


Entirely possible for any fit person. There are a number of touring companies that take people on cross country bike trips. You can go across the country in about 4-5 weeks doing 75 miles per day. If you can ride 75 miles in a single day, it doesn't really take that long to get to the point where you can crank out 75 miles each and every day. Even old dudes and ladies in reasonable shape can do this. Other tours are more ambitious averaging 100 miles per day or 150 miles per day. You have to be in good shape to do 150 per day. A friend of mine did it and he did not enjoy it. Too many miles for his conditioning. But that distance would be a piece of cake for an randomeur (sp?). Riding long distances per day isn't that hard, it is just a skill set all its own.

The other approach is load up a bike with camping gear and ride at your own pace. All sorts of people have done this. People are capable of far more sustained effort then most folks realize. I guess this is because the vast majority of us have sedentary jobs and we have never had to do much in the way of sustained activity in our lives.
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