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Tire and rim upgrade questions.

Ok so my trek 7.2 comes with Bontrager Invert Puncture Resistant, 700x35c tires. These things have a tread pattern and are pretty large. I have a few qustions about upgrading the tires or just getting new wheels with tires.

The wheels are Matrix 750 model 700c rims. First question are there diffrent widths of 700c rims or are they all the same? I ask that because I am not sure how narrow a tire I can mount on those rims. Now if they are all the same that means I should be able to install a 23c or 25c tire without issue correct?

I will have to upgrade my tubes also. Right now the rims have Schrader valve tubes. Second is the hole in the rim for the tube valve the same size for Schrader and presta?

Thrid any suggestions on an economical set of smooth tires and tubes?

Lastly I have been watching Ebay for a Set of Shimano R550 pull-offs from a new bike. Seems they show up form time to time and If I get lucky could get a new set with tires and tubes for around 150. Should I go that route and just wait till I can get a set of those and then keep these wheels and tires like they are? Or is it worth it to invest in new tubes and tires for the current rims.

As usual thanks for all your help,
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