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that's cool, and mitgate is the operative word.

When our MHL came into effect and a large compliance with it followed, I watched the rates of injury with baited breath because i expected it it to drop like a stone, but it never happened. Injury rates did drop a little, but then I found there were less riders out there and now the death rates of cyclists with helmets on equal the rates with those who still choose to not wear helmets.

After I read a couple of quotes by some high profile people about helmets

( . . helmets will mitigate the effects of falling off your bicycle and striking your head . . . If a cyclist is accelerated by a car, then the helmet will not work and will not prevent a severe or even fatal injury.

-- Dr. Michael Schwartz, neurosurgeon and member of Canadian Standards Association Committee establishing helmet standards

. . . it is impossible to build a helmet that will offer significant impact protection.

-- Dr. George Shively, The Snell Memorial Foundation

In situations of a fall they [helmets] are next to useless because they do not protect against diffused brain damage. The damage to the brain would still have occurred because it is the rattling inside the skull that caused the damage.

-- Chief Pathologist Clive Cooke,
Coroner's Court Testimony, Perth, Australia )

I started to do some more reasearch and found out a few things.

It's not to say helmets are a bad thing or that they don't do some good, it's just that there are very many more things that are much more effective that don't get near the attention they should.

The start of this thread showed the disdain some feel towards towards others that don't wear helmets, and is representative of the perceived benefit that is out of balance with it's real benefits.

Tolerance should be used when addressing those who choose not to wear one. It's not all that bad to not wear a helmet.

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