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Wire bead is the ring that holds the tyre in a circular shape when off the wheel. It does not bend and adds weight to a tyre.
Kevlar bead is a flexible material and the tyre flops into whichever shape it wants to take--Off the wheel. However once mounted onto a wheel it takes the circular shape. Can be a bit awkward to mount on a wheel if you are not used to them but they are lighter and rotating weight does affect speed- or rather acceleration. The lighter Kevlar (Or folding) beads are better for acceleration. They are also more expensive.

Do not get confused with Kevlar tyres that have a strip of material under the tread area and are puncture resistant and are a lot heavier in general.

On the Tubes- Going down to a narrower tyre may require a new tube- but I would get the presta tubes in any case as they will take the higher pressures that a Schraeder valve may not. Schraeder is the Car Valve type. Another thing to think about is do you have a Pump that will take the Presta valve?

It may seem ridiculous but the lighter the tyre- the better performance you will get. Not just the tyre but the tube and the wheel. If you are looking for performance then go for the Kevlar or folding tyres and a lighter weight tube. If you are not that bothered- then go for economy and buy cheap.
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