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Originally Posted by Offroad team DK
Great replies, folks.

The stoker (that's me) wonders how much other stokers count on being able to see ahead to what's coming--do you try to see ahead all the time or do you just take it from the capt'n?

I May be lucky, but Although I am a lot shorter than the pilot, when I have time to look forward, I do manage to see quite a lot in front of the bike. Admittedly not the ground for about 5 metres in front of the tandem, But I do see quite a lot. This is because I have a tendency to look over the pilots right shoulder. The pilot has now set a stance on the bike to balance my slight off-centre position.
I'll be quite honest though, I don't generrally have the time to see past the pilot. For some reason, he always takes in routes where it is head down and pedal up the hills, or hold on tight and get the backside just off the saddle for the downhills.
I suppose this is another point where you begin to realise that the "Tandem Team" is working. I have every confidence in the pilot, and what he is doing. I can sense what he is about to do, whether it is gear changes, brakes, cornering, through the frame, and I suppose a certain amount of ESP.
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