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Oh man, I don't know what I would do without you people on this forum! You guys are so incredibly helpful! I mean, without all the points you guys bring up comparing these bikes I don't know how I could ever come to a useful conclusion of which is the best.

So thanks guys!

P.S. For all I know you guys could be Norco/Kona representatives just trying to get me to buy the flipping bike you represent! This forum is the first to come up in google, so you can be sure the major manufacturers know about it. If you guys gave useful information about why the bike you vote for is better than the others besides the fact that your personal pick from that Brand was the best suited to you, then I would feel helped.

I am not an expert on bikes, so I came here for expert advice. I am an "expert", if you will, about alot of computer related hardware and software and I try to help people who don't know something about specific computer hardware I happen to know alot about, and I tell them all the info I know to help them solve problems and make decisions. Thats what help is all about. And thats how this world works: those who have more knowledge than others need to pass that knowledge down to people.

my 2 cents
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