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K, that helps, never. Out of the 3 bikes the Rockhopper has the most travel (130mm vs 100mm on the other two). I have only sat on all 3 of them and have not yet taken them out for a spin, and I will do that when i have some time, undoubtedly that will allow me to make my final decision.

If you think the Rockhopper can handle some jumping (its not like i'll be jumping for 5 hrs EVERY saturday and sunday for the next 5 yrs... more like jumping for a couple hrs a couple times a month) and if you can tell me whether the Marzochi Drop OFF Comp 130mm fork is better than the Marzocchi Dirt Jam Pro 100mm fork then I think the Rockhopper might be the best... its the lightest bike of the 3.

Oh also, just confirming, but its a fairly noticeable difference in shifting between the Shimano Alivio derailer and the Shimano Deore LX (rear), right? Again, the LX is on the Specialized, the Kona has the Alivio, and the Norco has Shimano Deore. My understanding is: Alivio < Deore < Deore LX. Correct?

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