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Originally Posted by BenyBen
I'm car free with a 1yr old at this moment. We don't use the bike just quite yet to transport him. But we've been using a front side baby carrier coupled with public transit to move around.

Like Enigmaniac, I think his move up to the bike will be a learning progression.
When my son was very young, I was still using my car fairly often, but my son didn't like the car. It made him ill. It was due to his dislike of the car and my never-failing affection for cycling that I bought one of the earliest bike trailers for kids and began taking him to his grandmothers for day-care and then to junior kindergarten and later to school by bike-trailer. He became more accustomed to seeing the road from a bike's perspective than a car's. By grade two he was riding (on the sidewalk) to school with me on the road beside him. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he doesn't bother with his drivers' license in two and a half years.

He's so eager to ride that recently, as the weather began to get better, he immediately began bugging me about letting him ride to school. I don't let him ride when there is a dangerous amount of ice on the road or if it's going to snow or rain heavily---not because he couldn't handle his bike, but because too many motorists don't know how to operate their cars in poor weather conditions.
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