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My family is riding in traffic. Not independently just yet. I would ride my eldest daughter on the back of the tandem and pull my other two in the trailer. Recently, I've been looking for a reasonably priced "child stoker" kit to get my 5yr old out of the trailer and on to future training on the tandem.
I can't speak to your fears of being on the open road; this is a terrible consequence of having to share the road with an entire generation of folks from broken homes who lack the concept of personal responsibility. You are at a horrific disadvantage against a 6,000 lbs. urban assault vehicle in an altercation. However, being just plain runover from behind is very rare as I understand the statistics. I use my mirrors religiously, and the bike/trailer has more blinkies than a christmas tree. I would not be above adding xenon strobes regardless of what the law had to say on the subject if I felt the need on some roads. Honestly, riding with kids has no pleasure as I'm constantly scanning the front and behind for danger, but I do it for the kids.

Everyone has their perception of what is safe; Personally, I would not take the children on streets posted greater than 30MPH until their skillset is well established. And I think a tandem is invaluble in building a foundation towards this end.
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