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Get a longer seatpost and raise the handlebars? I know it definitely won't be perfect, but it will be rideable. Anyways, got the chain on, finished the tuneup. Seatpost is raised to the max, and it is working well enough currently. Raised the handlebars as high as they would safely go, that is satisfactory as well. Got it lubed up, and took her for a ride.

Holy ****, what a difference. I'm not exactly sure what it is (well maybe I am, the fact that I have lost 45lbs since I last road and this bike 15lbs lighter than my last one), but this bike is FAST. Took it out on the local trails, and was hauling some major ass. Good thing this bike has usable brakes, or I'd be toast. Rode about 5-6 miles. This bike handles so much better than my other one... it's incredible. I guess that's to be expected, going from a Walmart POS to a real bike. Damn, I can't believe my luck. A week and a half ago, I hadn't ridden in 3 months and was all bummed out because there was no bike in my forseeable future. Now, I've got a damn decent bike that should last me until I can get a 29er SS. Hell yes.

Will post pics as soon as I find camera.
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